Mission statement

Mission statement

A shared understanding between Ritsumeikan University and Dr. Kazuo Inamori led us to the establishment of the Ritsumeikan Inamori Philosophy Research Center.

It is our understanding that our civilization is currently threatened by many critical problems, such as the continuing deterioration of the global environment, frequent outbreaks of regional conflicts, a widening of socioeconomic and other gaps, and a decline in morals and ethics, and that unlimited and uncontrollable human desire is at the core of these problems. We are inclined to seek our own interests over those of others. In this light, we believe that the idea of Rita no Kokoro, or “altruistic mind,” which constitutes the central part of Inamori’s management philosophy, provides us with valuable insights that will guide us to overcome the critical issues that our civilization faces today.

With this understanding, we adopted Rita no Kokoro as the core principle of this center. We also define the missions of this center as follows.

  1. 1.Make Inamori’s management philosophy more universally applicable and more widely practiced
  2. 2.Promote research and development on educational programs to help people master Inamori’s management philosophy
  3. 3.Contribute to the progress and advancement of humankind and society by sharing the achievements of research and educational activities with the world

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