Department of Environmental Systems Engineering Profile

We look at environmental problems from a variety of perspectives using a comprehensive approach, with the aim of creating an affluent society that can live in harmony with nature.

Seiji Hashimoto
(2017 department

What is required at the present time is a new perspective with which we can create and manage the environment so that human society can live in harmony with the environment.

In order to address these problems, the following is required:

  • Ability to analyze the environment as a system, and to make a model
  • Ability for drafting and planning policy that will harmonize with the environment
  • Ability to process information and manage

Furthermore, in order to address global environmental issues, the following is required:

  • Sufficient language proficiency and an international outlook

In Environmental Systems Engineering, we strive to develop students’ ability as engineers able to work on environmental problems from a general viewpoint.

After learning science and the engineering basics to accomplish the goals mentioned above, students learn ecotechnology, environmental change analysis, risk evaluation, and material and energy circulation.

Graduates of the program can be successful in a wide range of areas in government and business, such as city/area planning and management, eco-business and water business, improving the global environment and ODA (Official Development Assistance), etc.