Frontier of Research

Vol.3 2014/02/04 NEW!

Non-Destructive Testing -- Inspection techniques for soundness of infrastructure without damage

In Japan, chances to draw attention from the community on the problem of deteriorating infrastructure are increasing, as exemplified by the accident of the ceiling boards falling down in Sasago Tunnel on December 2nd, 2012.

Vol.2 2013/11/06

How should we evaluate the environmental safety of waste and recycled material?

We must recognize the nature of waste properly and consider how to treat waste to decrease the risks that may occur in the future.

Vol.1 2013/10/01

A comprehensive evaluation of the environmental impact and the relationships between environment, society and economics

As long as humans are living resources and energy will be consumed, water and the atmosphere will be polluted, and garbage will be produced. It is important to think about how we can strike a good balance between human and environmental needs.