Serial Number 599

A Special Issue in Honour of
on the Occasion of Her Retirement


Kaoru Takata : The Relation between Preschoolersf Use of Japanese Numeral Classifiers
@@and the Ways of Giving Information|Cues about Classifier gHikih, the Meaning of gHikih
@@and Category

Nobuko Komori : An Investigation of Relationship between Childrensf Line Drawing
@@and Their Control Skill (Stroke Skill)

Naomine Shibata : A Study of Children's Behavior of Holding Each Other's Hands

Miho Okugawa, Sayaka Oyama : Preschooler Rule-Compliance Behavior for Game Tasks
@@with Time Limit|From the Standpoint of Conflict between Need-Achievement and Rule

Yukiko Nishikawa : The Role of Pictures in Picture Books for Children|Data Analysis of Story
@@Making Using a Picture Book gMy First Errandh|

Atsuki Higashiyama : Replacement of Particle gGah for Particle gWoh in Japanese Language

Takao Matsuda : An Essay on the Perception of Angles of Elevation and Depression

Yasuki Yagi : Masculinity Versus Femininity (U) |Derogating Superior Others in Private|

Noriaki Tsuchida : Classification of Inhibitory Function

Tokuko Ogawa, Rong Wei-Stringer : Memory Strategy and Language Development
@@|Effect of Naming on TOPT Task|

Yuji Hoshino : Judgments of Relational Similarity by 4-Year-Olds
@@|The Effect of Same-Dimensional Comparison on Cross-Dimensional Comparison|

Akira Mochizuki : Student Job Coach |A New Support System by College Students for
@@Vocational Training in the Person with Disabilities|

l 200V
Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan