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Ph.D., New York University

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  • Ph.D. in Modern Japanese Literature, Media Studies and Intellectual History (New York University, East Asian Studies Department, 2011)
  • M.A. in Japanese Studies, (McGill University, East Asian Studies, 2003)
  • B.A. in World History and Geography, specialization in European and Islamic Middle Ages (Lyon II University, Faculty of History, 1999)


  • 2008-11 Instructor (New York University, East Asian Studies)
  • 2012-16 Project Assistant Professor (Tokyo University, Global Communication Center)
  • 2017-19 Associate Professor (Kyushu University, Department of Languages and Cultures)




Cultural Studies, Modern Japanese Visual Culture/Literature, Ecocriticism, Critical Theory

私は、文学、映画、都市民族誌にみる近代日本の都市文化の研究をしています。環境問題、クィア理論、批判理論に関する世界的な議論も研究の対象です。現在、主に3つの研究プロジェクトに携わっています。(1)現代日本のビジュアル文化(映画やアニメ)における近代都市の思想、世界的思想 (2)明治・大正時代の東京文学(森鴎外、永井荷風、田山花袋)と民族誌(今和次郎)に描かれた都市的体験に関するモノグラフ (3)詩人・随筆家 吉本隆明の作品における戦後の日本社会批評をテーマに近日発表される英語論文集(edited volume)です。



Modern literature, Modern Japan, Critical theory and Intellectual history, Urban culture, Visual culture, Popular culture, Queer and Gender studies, Ecocriticism.


Edited Volume

  • Christophe Thouny and Yoshimoto Mitsuhiro ed. Planetary Atmospheres and Urban Life After Fukushima (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2016).

Book Chapter

  • 'Fortress Cities: Ecosophy and World Becoming in Contemporary Japanese Popular Culture'. In Joff Bradley and Ju Yu Cheng eds. Thinking With Animation (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2021).
  • 'Tokyo Heterotopia-In Search of Asia Within'. In Douglas Slaymaker ed. Wild Lines and Poetic Travels: A Keijiro Suga Reader (Lexington Books, 2021).

Journal Articles

  • 'The Global University and Planetary Education' in Joff Bradley, Charles Cabel & David Kennedy (eds.) Bringing Forth a World: Engaged Pedagogy in the Japanese University (2019).
  • 'Monstrous Narratives: Storytelling in Mori Ōgai's 'As If'', Japanese Studies (2019).
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