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Please be sure to check all of the following STEP 1 through 3.

STEP 1 Application Guidelines (For all Graduate Schools)

This section summarizes the contents common to all graduate schools.

Please check this section with “STEP2 Application Guidelines (For each Graduate School)”.

Application Guidelines
(For all Graduate Schools)
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STEP 2 Application Guidelines (For each Graduate School)

*The entrance examinations conducted in English are as follows.
 Please download the Application Guidelines from this page.
*When you print, print on both sides of the paper.

Application Guidelines for April 2023 Enrollment

Application Guidelines for September 2023 Enrollment

STEP 3 Information on Graduate School Admissions/Enrollment Procedures related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), all changed information on Admissions/Enrollment Procedures offered by each graduate school are gathered here.

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