The Ritsumeikan University Library serves as an academic information core facility to support education and research activities of the University. Currently, there are 7 libraries across 4 campuses. The Libraries have enormous collection of books, and the various facilities including Reading Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Individual Research Booths, and the Peer Learning Rooms (PIARA) to support students’ creative and active learning. The Library also provides the Guidance Sessions and the Reference Services for the improvement of your leaning and research skills. Please utilize the library services for your student life.

Ritsumeikan University Library Website

The Library Website offers information for the library services, opening hours, notices from the library.
Moreover, there are various contents such as the retrieval system for books/e-books/databases, the Study Support Tool “RAIL”, and the Information Search Guide “RIS”. It is also the gateway to the academic information system “MyLibrary”, that allows users to reserve books, order books and reserve facilities, etc. Please utilize the online services that you can use even if you are not in campus.


Brochure of the library guide which introduces the library information and services

Library Navigator

Library Navigator (Toshokan Dayori) is a serial publication that has been published since 1974 to connect the library and users.

Library Facilities

View floor maps and facilities of the library on each campus.

Video to learn about library

Library services and activities of the student library staffs are introduced here.
*You need your RAINBOW ID to login to the “MyLibrary”, to read brochures, and to watch videos.

For inquiries

HIRAI KAICHIRO Memorial Library/075-465-8217/
Shugakukan Research Library (Shugakukan 1F)/075-465-8248/
Arts & Humanities Library (Shugakukan B1F)/075-465-8189/

Suzaku Research Library(Nakagawa Kaikan B1F)/075-813-8257/

Media Center/077-561-2634/
Media Library(Across Wing 2-6F)/077-561-3943/

OIC Library(Building B 2F-4F)/072-665-2520/