Disability Resource Center/Student Support Room/ Student Success Program(SSP)

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center was established as a contact point for supporting students with disabilities regarding their academic related matters.

The on-site expert staff; the expert staff supports not only students with disabilities but also student staff who support students with disabilities and the instructors in charge of classes for those with disabilities.

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Student Support Room

When you have a concern related to your college life that you would like to talk about with someone, please contact or visit the Student Support Room, which has on-site experienced professional counselors with qualified as clinical psychologists.

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Student Success Program(SSP)

We provide support to ensure that each student becomes an independent learner and achieves maximum growth through all aspects of student life, both regular and extracurricular.

The SSP offers seminar videos that provide tips on problems and concerns in student life. In addition, the SSP offers a variety of services to meet the needs of students, such as projects by peer supporters where students can learn from each other, and individual consultations where the SSP coordinator provides assessment of study habits and advice for independence and growth.

■SSP University’s Study Support page

Click here for seminars and materials explaining how to use the support tools to enhance your student life.

Student Support General Guide

When "you have concerns but don't know where to go,” contact student support coordinators at the Office of Student Affairs.

■Student Support General Guide


For inquiries
Office of Student Affairs (Kinugasa):Kenshinkan 2F
Office of Student Affairs (BKC):Central Arc 1F
Office of Student Affairs (OIC): Building A 1F AS Administrative Office