We are here to help you flourish in your campus life.

Student Life

Student life entails freedom and the possibility for you to face challenges and flourish in any area of your interest. It is an important and exciting time for personal growth and expanding your horizons in many areas, including academic learning, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and meeting new people.

However, many students struggle with uncertainty about the way they are to proceed in their academic/career pursuits and other areas of their life.
While such struggle is a meaningful step toward the future, it is sometimes difficult to deal with on your own and can cause distress that undermines your functioning.

The student Support Room (SSR)

The SSR offers a range of psychological services including individual counseling, group work and various workshops to help you accomplish what you envision in your student life, restore balance, build strength and increase your personal well-being.
When you have a concern that you would like to talk with someone about, please contact or come to the SSR to make an appointment. We are here to help you.

Counseling at the SSR

Counseling services at the SSR are provided by certified professional counselors in a strictly confidential setting. After an initial session, you may be referred to other agencies deemed more appropriate to your concern.
The SSR also offers a space for you to come and relax any time during our hours of operation when you feel like resting in a quiet place. You might enjoy browsing magazines, or find some books or comic books that give you inspiration.

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Common Student Concerns

You can visit the SSR anytime something troubles you.
Here is a partial list of common student concerns;
  • Academic / Career related issues
  • Depressive feelings (including loss of motivation, difficulties in concentration, and mood swings)
  • Homesickness
  • Friendship and relationship issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mindset, behavior, and self-esteem
  • Family issues
  • Sleeping and eating patterns
Counseling is also beneficial to:
  • Organize your thoughts for making important decisions
  • Deepen self-awareness and understanding
  • Find your own academic and future goal
  • Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety

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How to make an appointment

If you wish to make an appointment for counseling at the SSR, please make a request using any of the following methods.

1. Send us a Counseling Request Form

Fill in the Form below and send it to us. After receiving your Form, we will call you within a few days to schedule the first appointment.

request form
2. Send us an email

Email address for new appointments:

What to include in the email:
①Name, ②Student number, ③Department/School and Year,
④Contact number (mobile phone number)

3. Call / Visit the SSR
Campus Location Opening hours
Kinugasa SSR Kenshinkan Hall 2F
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Closed  
BKC SSR Central Arc 1F
OIC SSR Building A 1F(AS office)
Suzaku SSR* Kinugasa, Kenshinkan Hall 2F
Getting started:
getting started (Eng- sodan no nagare)

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Kinugasa SSR

Kenshinkan Hall 2F

Use the outside staircase at the west end of the building.

If you cannot find the SSR entrance,
you can ask for help at the Office of Student Affairs.


Central Arc 1F

The direct entrance is southwest of the building closer to the Across Wing.

If you cannot find the SSR entrance,
you can ask for help at the Office of Student Affairs.


Building A 1F (AS office)

The direct entrance is on the south side of the Building A.

If you cannot find the SSR entrance,
you can ask for help at the Office of Student Affairs.

Suzaku SSR*

Nakagawa Hall 7F

* Students at the Suzaku Campus can call the Kinugasa campus to make an appointment.

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Student Support General Guide