Mental Health Tips


I would like to introduce a Chinese health exercise, Suwaishou
Suwaishou is an easy exercise that anyone can easily do in a short time when you are tired.

First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees lightly bent.
Relax your shoulders and arms, and let them dangle.
Then, swing your arms around your waist.

* Swing arms left and right.
With the hips as the axis, relax the shoulders and arms, and naturally throw them out to the left and right as you twist.
Try it like a rattle drum, with the back as the axis.
The arms will beat and stimulate the abdomen and hips.


* Swing your arms back and forth.
Swing your arms back and forth together up to the level of your navel.
Do not bend your knees.


As you repeat this action, you become mindless and naturally enter a meditative state.
It is as if mindfulness arises spontaneously.

It is also said to relax the muscles around the spine and balance the autonomic nervous system.
This is especially recommended before and after online classes.
There are videos and other resources available, so please search and refer to them yourself.

Stand near a chair, relax, and dangle your arms.
Please give it a try.

Counsellor @SSR



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