Mental Health Tips

For the better stress management ~Tips from the Student Support Room~

 Did you have a nice break during the Golden Week? How are you spending your days after the holidays?
 Some of you may be feeling a little relaxed and ready for a fresh start in your studies, while others may be feeling a little unmotivated, classes are going on and you may be wondering what to do... In such situation, it is natural to feel some stress in your daily life. Especially with the prolonged Corona disaster, wars in other countries and natural disasters in Japan such as earthquakes, you probably feel stressed without realizing it, as the state of emergency continues.

 How stressed are you and what is your stress level? The Student Support Room has the following simple stress check on our website.
We posted the stress coping strategies that students use,
and also have posted audio clips of a 10-second breathing technique and others on Mental Health Tips.
You can also refer to the Column for your daily life.
We hope these articles and the audio clips help you strengthen your capacity for stress management.

Here are events the SSR provides,
How To make an appointment with a counselor,
Information on medical care and counseling services on weekends and holidays.

If you feel that something is out of the ordinary or that it is difficult to solve the problem by yourself, talk to someone close to you or someone you trust, or a counselor at the Student Support Room. You may find a way out by talking to others. We (Student Support Room) support you so that you can find your own way.

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