Mental Health Tips

What are the Stress Coping Strategies that other students use?

 Many students have shared their stress coping strategies. 
 Some of them may be the ones you use often, others may be quite new. Take a moment to go through the strategies that other students shared, and you may want to add some of them to your repertoire!
 Thank you for those who quickly responded. Those who have more strategies to share, we appreciate your insights - please click the link below.
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<Something I like / Activation>
♢ Listening to music / Listening to a list of favorite music at a loud volume 
♢ Watching movies / Getting absorbed into the world of the movie
♢ Reading:
  ➤ Read articles on international soccer
  ➤ Read articles on recent political matters
  ➤ Read a book
  ➤ Read a book in which characters are the same generation as me
♢ Watching videos:
  ➤ Watch DAZN highlights
  ➤ Watch Soccer King
  ➤ Watch quiz shows
  ➤ Watch “Bunkajin Hosokyoku”
  ➤ Listen to a favorite radio show
♢ Going out:
  ➤ Go for a walk 
  ➤ Go to a cat café
  ➤ Go to a library
♢ Exercising:
  ➤ Stretch
  ➤ Go for a run
  ➤ Walking
  ➤ Doing a funny exercise
  ➤ Do a handstand
♢ Voicing out
  ➤ Sing in the bath
  ➤ Make a strange sound
  ➤ Go to Karaoke by myself and sing loudly
♢ Thinking about something fun
  ➤ Think world’s eleven best soccer players
  ➤ Think about the next day’s menu at the cafeteria
♢ Eating and Drinking
  ➤ Eat banana mango yogurt
  ➤ Have a favorite drink – hot chocolate / tea
♢ Doing something around the house
  ➤ Make dishes I like
  ➤ Clean the room

  ➤ Sleep until feeling better
  ➤ Do the minimum and go to sleep as soon as possible
  ➤ Detoxifying by crying
  ➤ Take a bath
  ➤ Spend time alone

<Consultation / Social Support>
  ➤ Talk to an older person, especially someone who can talk constructively
  ➤ Have a conversation with myself as if talking to another “me.” Ask them what they think or how they feel by actually verbalizing them. Then, I become aware of what I am really feeling.
  ➤ Chatting with my friends on video
  ➤ Spend time with people you trust

<Solving problems>
  ➤ Search internet on “when mentally tired (burned out?)” to look for someone in the same situation
  ➤ Look at the causes of stress objectively, and work on them, or analyze them

<Getting rid of the stressors>
  ➤ Stay away from SNS or internet
  ➤ Temporarily leave the stressful situation and do something I like

<Restructuring cognition>
  ➤ Consider that getting stressed is the proof of being sincere and hardworking.
  ➤ Do not expect that I can finish all assignments in one sitting. It is progress when you complete even one out of ten things to do. If you finish none, do it tomorrow. You will have to do it at the last minute anyway, so even a little step today is OK. Do not aim for being perfect. It is just fine to do the minimum. Take it easy and try to do the minimum, and then it will gradually accumulate.

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