Mental Health Tips

Take care of your lifestyle rhythm (sleep, eating, and exercise)

With courses being held online, I think there are quite a few people whose daily routine may be falling a bit out of rhythm. It’s important to take care of your daily routine to ensure you are getting a good nights’ sleep, having three square meals a day, and engaging in a reasonable amount of exercise. From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, creating and maintaining a rhythm in your lifestyle is imperative.

So how has your lifestyle been lately?

Sleep: How many hours long is your ideal nights’ sleep?
Are you awaking feeling refreshed and rejuvenated?
Even when you are busy with schoolwork, making sure that you are getting even just a few hours of deep sleep is critical.

Eating: Eat three square meals a day.
Aim to have balanced meals whenever eating.
(You can use the nutrition info on your receipt from meals at the co-op cafeteria for reference)
Let the seasons energize you by having foods which are fresh and in season

Exercise: Twenty to thirty minutes of light exercise per day, with one to two hours of aerobic exercise on weekends is ideal. Try out some of the exercises, which can be done indoors, being introduced via video and live stream by the Sports and Health Commons.

<↓Information on the Sports and Health Commons can be found below>

If for two weeks or more you find yourself unable to get a good nights’ sleep, have no appetite or have no will to get anything done, please consult with either the Health Center or the Student Support Room as soon as you can.

Support Room appointments may be booked via the online application form found in the information section on our homepage at the link below.
Counseling Request Form

Take care of the health of both your body and mind, take care of your relationships with others, and let’s get through the era of Covid together. The Support Room is here to support your student life.



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