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<Autogenic Training Method>

Today, I'd like to introduce one of the best-known relaxation methods, the Autogenic Training Method.

It is used in hospitals to alleviate various physical symptoms, and was used by athletes in the Olympics a few years ago to reduce nervousness. It is also used in schools and companies to help students stay calm in class or employers to improve work efficiency.

It is a type of self-hypnosis, and once you acquire it, you can relax your whole body in just a few minutes while studying, working, or on the train, and relieve your physical and mental fatigue.
You can do it while sitting or lying, so if you do it before going to bed at night or when you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep , you can fall asleep comfortably.

There are six formulas in total, and you repeat the words in order while paying attention to your body, but up to the second formula is effective enough. Repeated use of the same word will increase the suggestion effect.

☞ Formula 1 (heaviness of limbs): My limbs are heavy.
☞ Formula 2 (warmth of limbs): My limbs are warm.
☞ Formula 3 (heart adjustment): My heart is beating quietly.
☞ Formula 4 (breathing adjustment): Breathing easily.
☞ Formula 5 (abdominal warmth): Stomach is warm.
☞ Formula 6 (forehead coolness): The forehead is pleasantly cool.

Now let's get started.
1. Find a quiet and comfortable place, take a natural posture that allows you to relax. Remove your belt, watch, or anything else that constricts your body. Rest your hands in your lap. Recline in a chair or sofa, or lie on your back with your legs and arms slightly open.

2.In this relaxed position, take a few deep breaths to calm your mind. Exhale slowly and let your whole body relax. When you start to feel calm, close your eyes lightly and chant "I  am calm" several times in your mind. When you feel sufficiently calm, start the formula. 

3.Formula 1: "My right arm is heavy..." > > "My left arm is heavy...”
        "My right leg is heavy..." > >"My left leg is heavy...”
 (* When the excess tension in the shoulders, arms, and other parts of the body is released, you will naturally feel the weight of the arms)
Formula 2: "My right arm is warm..." > > "My left arm is warm...”
       "My right leg is warm..." > >"My left leg is warm...”
(*The more relaxed you are, the the warmer your arms and feet will become. When you  relax enough, you will naturally feel warmth in your hands and feet.)

4.Finally, do an "elimination movement" to bring strength back into your body and clear your mind. Squeeze your hands tightly, then open them. Alternatively, clasp your hands together and stretch, or rotate your neck and shoulders. 
(*When you go to bed, do not do the elimination movements, just sleep.)

How did you feel? Slowly turn your attention to your body and enjoy the sensation.

Counsellor @SSR



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