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Relax your body, relax your mind -Progressive muscle relaxation-

 Do you sometimes exercise?
When you are sitting in the same posture for a long time due to the ongoing online classes, your body gets stiff and tired. Anxiety and nervousness also make your muscles tight and cause stiff neck which may lead to headache and nausea.
 I would like to introduce an exercise that makes your muscles relax which, as a result, makes your mind relax.

 You will tense each muscle group for about 10 seconds, then slowly release the tension. Inhale as you tense it vigorously without straining, and exhale, taking about 15 seconds, as you release the tension and feel the muscle relax. It is easier to release the tension after you intentionally tense it. Therefore, tighten your muscles with all your strength without straining, then relax them, feeling the tension being released.

 Let’s begin. Sit on a chair without your back touching the back of the chair. Choose a quiet place.
Extend your arms forward and clench your fists with your thumbs folded inside.
Open your fists slowly, put your palms on your laps.

Extend your arms and make fists again. Bend your elbows to bring the fists to your shoulders. Tighten the space between the arms and sides of your body.
Extend the arms forward and put your palms down on your laps. Feel the weight of your arms hanging.

Bend your elbows again and open the elbows out to the sides. Tense your upper back by pulling your shoulders back trying to make your shoulder blades touch.
Extend your arms and put your palms down on your laps. Feel the soft state of your back muscle.

Lift your shoulders up as if trying to touch your ears.
Lower your shoulders as low as they can go.

Turn your head to the right as far as you can, twisting the muscles in your neck.
Slowly turn your head back. Repeat to the left side.

Clench your teeth and shut your eyes tight. Tighten all the muscles towards the centre of your face.
Slowly relax your facial muscles until your mouth is slightly open.

Put your hands on your belly and suck your stomach in, as if your belly button could touch your back.
Slowly release it. Feel the softness of your belly.

8.Legs & Feet
Extend your legs, and as you inhale, stretch your toes straight and tighten the back side of your legs.
Slowly put your feet down and relax.
Extend your legs again, and pull your toes towards you and tighten the front side of your legs. Put your feet down and relax.

9.Whole Body
Tense your whole body at once – arms, shoulders, face, abdomen, legs and feet. Slowly relax them.

 That’s it, you’re finished. Your body may be a little warmer and relaxed. If you can rest, take a rest. If you are going to engage in an activity, to wake your body up, close and open your hands a few times.
 Below you can find an audio clip to help you exercise. When your life gets too busy and you feel tired, find time to relax. 

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