How about a hot cup of tea?

The rainy season started early this year, which surprised me.
Some days are damp, some days are chilly, which may make you feel a bit under the weather.

How about having a cup of tea inside?

When I was a student, I heard an FM program on how to make a nice cup of black (English) tea. It sounded delicious, so I tried it.

The brewing process is as follows: 
1. Boil freshly drawn water just before preparing.
2. Pour hot water into a cup or pot to warm it up.
3. Add about a teaspoon of tea leaves to the pot.
(For one person, about 2.5 to 3 grams per cup is recommended.)
4. Pour the boiling water from a high position.
(It is safer to pour the water starting from a lower position and raising to a higher position.)
The tea leaves will circulate throughout the pot.
This is called "jumping," and it allows the flavor and aroma of the tea leaves to be extracted.
5. Cover teapot with a thick cloth to keep the temperature from dropping, 
and steep for 2-3 minutes.
6. Strain the tea through a tea strainer and pour it into a cup.
The last drop is said to be the best drop, because it contains all the flavor of the tea leaves.
Pour the tea thoroughly.

If you don’t want to use loose tea leaves, pour hot water into the cup and then put a tea bag into the cup and let it steep. Shake the tea bag just a little before removing it.
Enjoy the process of brewing and steeping the tea and have a cup of tea in between online classes.

You can enjoy green tea, Chinese tea, herbal tea, or if you are an international student, perhaps tea from your home country. 
Hot tea is surprisingly refreshing in this hot and humid season!

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