English Academic Writing Support Programs for Graduate Students

Program Description

Ritsumeikan University offers English Academic Writing Support Programs for students pursuing graduate-level degrees at Ritsumeikan University to assist and instruct in the area of academic writing.
Academic writing requires several skills, and it is very important to have familiarity with styles and the rules to follow. 
Programs are designed to help graduate students acquire the various writing styles and rules step-by-step leading to the completion of a thesis.

Sample flowchart for Master's students


  • There is no tuition fee for taking part in this non-credit program.
  • For details, please visit each course’s page from the links.
  • The application period for Academic Writing Tutorials commences approx. one month before it starts. Applications can be made online.
  • Regarding "Nature Masterclasses Onlinse Courses", the attached PDF 登録手順(英文) shows how to register in English.