Disaster Resilience Laboratory

Dept. of Civil and Environmental Eng., Ritsumeikan University


Research Fields and Members

Natural Disaster Mitigation

As Japan is a highly seismic country, earthquake resistant design techniques for infrastructures have progressed much. Our laboratory promotes research aimed at protecting people, communities and their culture against earthquakes and other natural disasters.

In terms of protecting people, the risk of natural disasters in any society can be evaluated by using the number of predicted human casualties as an index. Hence, it is important to analyze the damage caused by natural disasters in order to develop models that can predict the casualties under different scenarios. The number of deaths can be calculated using an equation that comprehensively can take into account the characteristics of each region. We investigate the risks of natural disasters with a focus on the following three factors: hazard characteristics, geographical features, and demographic components to establish a new risk assessment method for casualties.

Further, we promote researches related on the seismic design of bridges (not buildings). Bridges are one of the most important infrastructures. Destruction of bridges can significantly compromise logistic operations, not only having a major impact on daily living activities but also delaying reconstruction of suffered area. We conduct experiments and numerical analyses to construct safe and robust bridges against earthquakes, tsunamis and floods to save invaluable human lives.



Master Course Students

  • ITE, Tsubasa
  • MATSUO, Naoki
  • NAGANO, Kenta
  • WATABE, Masaki

Under Graduate Students

  • FUJITANI, Syota
  • AWAZU, Takuma
  • HOSONO, Asahi
  • MOTODA, Toranosuke
  • NAKAGAWA, Jyunta
  • SHIBATA, Kazuki
  • SHIKATA, Saki
  • TAKAKURA, Yuuma
  • TANI, Kenshin


1-1-1, Noji-Higashi, Kusatsu, Shiga 525-8577 JAPAN
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College of Science and Engineering
Ritsumeikan University

Spreadsheets for Earthquake Engineering

Here are some spreadsheets to be used in earthquake engineering. You can download and use them for free.

This sheet calculates an earthquake response spectrum.
ver.2.2, 2022-06-11
This sheet calculates Gabor wavelet spectrogram.
ver.4.1, 2019-04-02
This sheet integrates an acceleration wave in frequency domain to get velocity and displacement.
ver.2.0, 2015-12-02
This sheet applies band-pass, low-pass or high-pass filter to a wave.
ver.1.0, 2018-05-14
This sheet calculates an earthquake response of 1-d.o.f. bilinear system.
ver.2.0, 2013-02-23
This sheet calculates an earthquake response of 1-d.o.f. degrading trilinear system.
ver.3.1, 2013-06-12
This sheet calculates an earthquake response of 2-d.o.f. isolated bridge system.
ver.2.0, 2013-02-23
This sheet modifies an earthquake record to have the specific response spectrum fitting with IBC seismic design spectrum.
ver.2.3, 2016-07-20
This sheet calculates JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) Seismic Intensity Scale.
ver.2.0, 2015-12-02


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