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Watch Video: Ritsumeikan University Graduate Schools


全研究科向け/For All Graduate Schools

法学研究科/Graduate School of Law

経済学研究科/Graduate School of Economics

経営学研究科/Graduate School of Business Administration

社会学研究科/Graduate School of Sociology

国際関係研究科/Graduate School of International Relations

言語教育情報研究科/Graduate School of Language Education and Information Science

テクノロジー・マネジメント研究科/Graduate School of Technology Management

スポーツ健康科学研究科/Graduate School of Sport and Health Science

情報理工学研究科/Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering

生命科学研究科/Graduate School of Life Sciences

先端総合学術研究科/Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences

薬学研究科/Graduate School of Pharmacy

人間科学研究科/Graduate School of Human Science

法務研究科/School of Law

経営管理研究科/Graduate School of Management

教職研究科/Graduate School of Professional Teacher Education