Research Areas and Published Papers

I'm presently interested in how to utilize the latest technology including the Internet for teaching both English and different cultures effectively and also to find out more about adjustment difficulty or culture shock of the Japanese in a differentculture.

My published articles for the past decade are as follows:

  • "A content-based teaching and information exchanges using Moodle (Mudoru o riyoshita kontentsu beesu no jyugyo jissen to joho komunyukeeshon)"Ritsumeikan studies in language and culture, 8(1), August, 2006, 157-168.
  • "Moodle o tsukatta tachitenkan e-learning kankyo no kochiku to jyugyo jissen: Higengo komyunikeeshon kyoiku o chuushin ni (Developing a Multipoint e-learning Environment Using Moodle: Teaching a Nonverbal Communication Class)," Ritsumeikan higher education research, 7, March 2007, 107-122.
  • "Current trends of e-learning and EFL in Japan" In Fukui, K. (ed.) (March 2008). ESP e-Learning for Global Competency - e-Learning Perspectives in ESP Education. Tokyo: Universal Academy Press, Inc., 17-35. ISBN 978-4-904164-02-0
  • "Muudoru niyoru kyozai kanri (Teaching materials management in Moodle)" In Yoshida, H. et al. (Com. & eds.) (2008). ICT o katushita Gaikokugo kyoiku (Foreign language education using ICT), Council for Improving Education through Computer, Tokyo: Tokyo Denki University Press. ISBN 978-4-501-54400-3
  • "ICT e no michi: LL, CALL, e-raaningu (Ways to ICT: LL, CALL, e-learning)" In Yoshida, H. et al. (Comp. & eds.) (2008). ICT o katushita Gaikokugo kyoiku (Foreign language education Using ICT), Council for Improving Education through Computer, Tokyo: Tokyo Denki University Press. ISBN 978-4-501-54400-3
  • "CALL kankyo no kochiku to unyo no jissai (Establishing CALL environments and practical applications)" In CIEC (2008). Manabi to kompyutaa handobukku (Handbook of Learning and Computers . Tokyo: Tokyo Denki University Press. 242-245.
  • "An online intercultural exchange in a postcultural world" In Thomas, M. (ed.) (2009). New frontiers in CALL: Negotiating diversity. Selected proceedings of the thirteenth annual JALT CALL Conference 2008. JALT CALL SIG. 89-96.
  • "Betonamu chutokyoiku niokeru eigokyokasho detabunseki: bunkateki sokumen kara (A data analysis of English textbooks in Vietnamese secondary schools: through cultural aspects)" In Nakamura, J. (comp.) (2010). Grants-in-Aids for Scientific Research Basic Research B "Construction of a corpus for English textbooks in Asia and mutural comparisons in relation with social and cultural contexts" - 2007-2009 research report, 37-48.
  • "To moodle or not to moodle: Can it be an ideal e-Learning environment?" A special issue for the retirement of Prof. Gordon L. RATZLAFF, Journal of policy science, 18(3), 2011, Ritsumeikan University. 289-312.
  • "Eigo gakushu no dogizuke o unagasu dejitaru sutoori teringu purojekuto (A digital storytelling project to promote students’ motivation to learn English). 2012 PC Conference: A collection of papers, CIEC, 89-92."
  • "iPads in the classroom: How can they be used for learning or teaching EFL?" Abstracts and Short Papers of GLoCALL2012 Conference, Beijing, China, October 18-20, 2012、GLoCALL2012 CD-ROM、2012年10月、4p.
  • "Bijinesu eigo komyunikeeshon ni tokkashita e-Learning saito no kouchiku no kokoromi (Developing an e-Learning site focusing on Business English Communication)." JeLA 2012 nendo gakujyutsu koenkai ronbunshu (JeLA 2012 Conference Collected Papers), 63-68.
  • "Ibunka Komyunikeeshon noryoku o takameru apuroochi: LMS to Blended Learning no Katsuyo (An approach to enhance intercultural communication proficiency utilizing an LMS and blended learning). Proceedings of Language Education Expo 2013, JACET Educational Issues SIG, 69-70.
  • "e-Learning In Yoshida, H. &, Nozawa, K. (eds.) (2014). Saishin ICT o Katsuyoushita Watashi no Gaikokugo Jyugyo (My Foreign Language Teaching Utilizing the Latest ICT). Tokyo: Maruzen Planet.
  • " Enhancing participatory culture and increasing digital literacy (DL) through digital storytelling (DST) in an English as a foreign language program " Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Lanaguge Education and Information Science, Studies in Language Science, 6, 25-39.
  • " Eizo kopasu o toriireta Nihongo kyoiku no kokoromi: kotowari hyogen “ii” no oshiekata (A trial of teaching Japanese using video corpus: samples of teaching refusal expression “ii”). Graduate School of Language Education and Information Science, Ritsumeikan University, Studies in Language Science Working Papers,, 6, 23-31.
  • "Learning English Idioms With a Web-Based Educational Game, Journal of Educational Computing Research, First published online (October, 2017),