[Professional Journals (A Table of Contents)]

I have been subscribing some professional journals and the followings are useful ones even for you. I'll update them from time to time. In addition, there are some other related references.

In addition, there are many useful electronic journals around the world. Here are some of them which you may be interested in.

[Other Useful References]

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  • Stanley, G. (2013). Language learning with technology. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-1-107-62880-9
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  • Bourke, B. (ed.) (2005). Innovative practice in Japanese language education, Queensland University of Technology. ISBN:1-74107-094
  • Fotos, S. & Browne, C. M. (eds.) (2004). New Perspectives on CALL for Second Language Classrooms, ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. ISBN 0-8058-4405-8
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  • Bachnik, J. M.(2003). Roadblocks on the Information Highway: The IT Revolution in Japanese Education, Lexington Books. 354pp. ISBN 07391-0628-7
  • TESOL Journal, Vol. 11, No. 3, Autumn 2002 (Special Issue)
    Contents from the special issue edited by Deborah Healey & Sarah J. Klinghammer.
  • CALLING ASIA - The proceedings of the 4th annual JALT CALL SIG Conference, Kyoto, Japan, May 1999
    Contents from the proceedings edited by Paul Lewis, 2000.
  • WORLDCALL - Global Perspectives on Computer Assisted Language Learning
    Contents from a new book edited by R. Debski and M. Levy, published by Swets & Zeitlinger, 1999.
  • CALL: Media, Design & Applications
    Contents from a new book edited by K. Cameron, published by Swets & Zeitlinger, 1999.
  • Teachers, Learners, and Computers: Exploring Relationships in CALL
    Contents from a book edited by P. Lewis and published by Japan Association for Language Teaching Computer Assisted Language Learning National Special Interest Group, 1998.
  • Language Learning Through Social Computing
    Occasional Papers (No. 16, 1997), edited by Robert Debski, June Gasshin, and Mike Smith, published by ALAA(Applied Linguistics Association of Australia) and The Horwood Language Centre of the University of Melbourne.
  • Computers in foreign language education
    Tokai University Foreign Language Center, Monograph Series Vol. 2, March 1998.
  • Educational Technology in language learning:Theoretical considerations and practical applications
    There are 17 articles (in English and French) including contributions from Phil Benson, Edith Esch, Mark Warschauer, Deiter Wolff, Rebecca Oxford and Ruth Vilmi. We hope that you find this publication stimulating and useful.

[Professional Journals on Speech and Communication (A List of Books and Articles)]

With compliments of Prof. Dr. Roichi Okabe of Nanzan University and his research group members in Nagoya area, I've HTMLized their still incomplete lists of books and articles on Interpersonal/Intercultural/ Public/Group Communication and Communication Education in Japan. Those articles or books were written in either English or Japanese by the end of 1995 academic year(March 1996). I hope you may find them useful for your research.

[Journal of International Behavioral Studies(In Japanese)]

[Other Useful References]

If you are interested in more about researches on this field, I would recommend that you should visit Intercultural Communication Institute at Kanda University of International Studies. There are some summaries of their journals and Newsletters.