Some Links to Understand Current Japan and
Japanese Culture

Japan for Visitors
Japan Information Network
It's the best site to access!!
Kids Web Japan
It's the best place for kids to learn Japanese culture. Culture for Kids: Guide to Japanese Traditions
It's a good list of links for kids to learn Japanese traditions. Culture of Japan (Wikipedia)
Japan Reference
It's a gateway to all kinds of things in Japanese and you may make friends with Japanese. Japanese Culture - A Primer For Newcomers
Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks

[Language and Culture]
Japanese Language and Culture
Japanese -
Gil Asakawa, who is a recognized resource on Japan as a Tokyo-born American author and blogger who is passionate about Japan's culture, write new articles every day.
Passion for Japan
Key Aspects of Japan Chanpon Multicultural Japan Online : Anime and Learning Japanese Culture Japanese Culture: Lifestyle
All kinds of information on Japanese culture can be found here. Japanese Manners and Etiquette
You had better know the manners and etiquette when you live in Japan.
[The Government]
Japanese Ministries and Agencies

The Japan Foundation
A web site in both English and Japanese with information useful in international cultural exchange
Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation

[Newspapers(Japan's up-to-date news)]
The Japan Times
The best newspaper in English in Japan from my point of view!
Asahi Shimbun
Asahi reports more critical views so I like it.
The Daily Yomiuri
Nikkei Net Interactive

[Book/Magazine Search]

Web-OPAC at Natiuonal Diet Library
Japan Book Publishers Association

Universities and Colleges in Japan
Companies in Japan
[Travel Information]
JNTO (The Japan National Tourist Organization)
J-LEAGUE Nihon Sumo Kyokai
Japan Karatedo Federation

Broadcasting Stations in Japan