My main publications as a co-author or an editor were:

TEFL in Japan - 10th Anniversary Collected Papers (JALT, 1985)
The Pickled Plum and the Japanese Sword - Japanese Wisdom Exemplified in History (Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation, 1992)
Kompyutaa Riyo no Gaikokugo Kyoiku - CAI no Doko to Jissen (Language Teaching Through Computers - Trends and Practice of CAI) (Eichosha, 1993)

Introduction and A Table of Contents (in Japanese)
Ibunka ni hashi o kakeru - Kokateki na komyunikeeshon (Bridging Differences - Effective Group Communication) (Seibunsha, 1993)
Soichiro Honda - The Endless Racer (Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation,1993)
Introduction in Japanese 
Preface in English
The Proceedings of the National Conference on Computers and Composition 1993 (JALT, 1994)
Information on Proceedings'93
CBS News World (Sibido, January 2003)
Introduction and Contents

Saishin Gaikokugo CALL no Kenkyu to Jissen (Foreign Language CALL: Recent Research and Practice) (CIEC, March 2003) (In Japanese)

Kokusai Kodo ni okeru Tomadoi (Confusions in International Behaviors) (In Japanese) Sogensha, Co., Ltd., August 2004.
  • I contributed an article titled as - "Osutoraria ni okeru Ibunka Shototsu (Intercultural Conflicts in Australia)."
English Language Teaching: The Case of Japan edited by Veronika Makarova & Theodore Rodgers, (2004). LICOM Studies in Second Language Teaching 02, ISBN 3 89586 852 3
  • I contributed my part - Chapter 13 (pp. 246-263) - "Computer assisted English language learning in Japan."
Hirogeru Chi no Sekai: Daigaku deno manabi to ressun (Expanding your knowledge world: Learn how to learn at a college) by Kenji Kitao et al. (2005). Hitsuji Shobo. ISBN 4-89476-242-0

  • I contributed my part - Chapter 19: Presentation using MS-Powerpoint included in the CD-ROM.
Fukui, K. (ed.) (March 2008). ESP e-Learning for Global Competency - e-Learning Perspectives in ESP Education. Tokyo: Universal Academy Press, Inc. ISBN 978-4-904164-02-0
  • I contributed my article titled "Current trends of e-learning and EFL in Japan"(pp. 17-35).
Yoshida, H.、 Matsuda, K., Uemura, R. & Nozawa, K. (Comp. & eds.) CIEC Foreign Language Education Research SIG (ed.) (2008). ICT o Katsuyoshita Gaikokugo Kyoiku (Foreign Language Education Using ICT), Council for Improving Education through Computers. Tokyo: Tokyo Denki University Press. ISBN 978-4-501-54400-3
  • I contributed my articles for Chapter 1 (pp. 1-9) & Chapter 7 (pp. 100-114).
Hirano, H, Shimizu, Y. Sugimori, N., Nozawa, T. & Nozawa, K. (eds.) (2009). Studying at an American University: VOA Special English Higher Education Report with CD. Tokyo: Eihosha. ISBN 978-269-44047-0
  • I was mainly in charge of Units 13-15 (pp. 78-98) and their glossaries (pp. 105-107).
Yoshida, H., & Nozawa, K. (eds.) (2014). Saishin ICT o Katsuyoushita Watashi no Gaikokugo Jyugyo (My Foreign Language Teaching Utilizing the Latest ICT). Tokyo: Maruzen Planet. ISBN 978-4-86345-197-1
  • I was a co-editor of the CIEC 15th anniversary book as well as a theoretical section contributor for Chapter 2: e-learning (pp. 15-25).
Iwai, C., Masuzaki, K., & Nozawa, K. (2015). Hospitality English for Careers at Hotels. Tokyo: Kinseido. ISBN 978-4-7647-1142-6
  • I was a co-author of the listening-based ESP textbook in English.