Academic Associations and Research Groups

Most pages are well-written either in Japanese or English or bilingually. Why don't you visit/join them if you are interested in!

JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching)

JALT is the second largest academic organization in the EFL field in Japan and I have involved as an individual member as well as national and local officers since 1978.


It was founded in 1993 and I was co-founder as well as the first chair.

JSET (Japan Society of Educational Technology)

LET (Language Education and Technology)

LET Kansai Chapter

LET (formerly LLA) is focused on foreign language education and audio/visual/computer technology.

CIEC - Council for Improvement of Education through Computers)(English page is currently under construction.)
CIEC was founded for those who are interested in or enthusiastic about the improvement of information science education and computer-enhanced education. I have been involved in its activities as an overseas exchange committee member since 1997, an advisory board member since 1998, PC Conference Committee member since 1999 and the Chair for Foreign Language Education SIG since 2000.

JACET (Japan Association of College English Teachers)
JACET is a leading organization in ELT in Japanese higher education.

JACETKansai Chapter (Only in Japanese)

I'm serving as a member of the Chapter Reasearch and Planning Committee for 2007-2009.

CAJ (Communication Association of Japan)
CAJ has two journals - Human Communication Studies and Speech Communication Education.

CAJ Kansai Chapter

I'm currently the Web Manager.