The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 650

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Hideki Endo: The Interconnection between Popular Culture and Tourism in a Mobile Age
Masahiro Kato: Locational Tendency of the Hotel Industry in the U.S. Military Airbase-centered City of Koza, Okinawa
Junwoo Han: Discovered Satoyama: Harie
Hiroyuki Yakushiji: Contradictions and Criticisms of Orphanage Volunteer Tourism: An Exploration through British Newspaper Articles
Naomi Kawasumi: Traveling to Kyoto in the Mid-Meiji Era: From Yosano Akiko's Records
Manabu Inoue: Characteristics of the Modern Tourism Resources Found in The Railroad Song
Masato Ikuta: International Cooperation and Industrial Agglomeration in Border Areas in the Greater Mekong Subregion, Continental Southeast Asia
Norifumi Kawahara: Salmon Carriers in the Canned Salmon Industry of the Canadian West Coast at Brunswick Cannery, Canoe Pass: A Case of Fishermen from Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Kazuhito Kawashima: A Preliminary Research on an Historical Geography of Ireland: Its Physical Environment and Historic Towns
Tasuku Aso: The Exclusionary Discourse Surrounding Missionary Schools in Modern Japan: The Case of Oshima Girls' High School
Shinji Koga: Individualization of the Central Business District in the Otsunaka-dori Area, Kobe
Akio Kondo: Transformation of Roadside Business Districts in an Era of Low Consumer Spending: A Case Study of Gifu City and Its Surrounding Area
Toru Murayama: City Promotion and Wide-area Cooperation by Local Governments
Yukio Teratoko: Sustainability of Agriculture and Rural Areas Focusing on Cultivation Abandonment: An Analysis
Manabu Takahashi: Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions and Their Ensuing Disasters in the Pan-Pacific Zone
Keiji Yano: Current Status and Issues of Data Disclosure Methods of GIS-based Population Censuses: Through the Comparison between Japan and the United Kingdom
Tomoki Nakaya: Spatial Analysis Using Semiparametric GWR: The Effects of Social Relationships on Self-rated Health in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Kazumasa Hanaoka: Estimating a Geographically Disaggregated Synthetic Microdata Set: A Comparative Study of Iterative Proportional Updating and Simulated Annealing