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What is BBP Mileage? BBP マイレージとは

「BBP マイレージ」は外国語の自律学習*をサポートするためのツールです。対象となるプログラムに参加するとポイントが貯まり、学習の履歴を可視化できます。BBP マイレージを始め学内の様々な学習リソースを活用し、継続的な自律学習の習慣を身につけましょう。貯まったポイントに応じて特典もあります。
The point system “BBP Mileage” is a tool to support your self-access learning of foreign languages. You can earn points by participating in the programs targeted for the point system and visualize your learning history. Why don’t you participate “BBP Mileage” and acquire the continuous habit of self-access learning by using the various learning resources at school? You can also get rewards according to the points you earned.

実施期間 The implementation period

2023年度春学期実施期間 / The implementation period for 2023 Spring semester

BBPマイレージポイント付与期間 2023年4月6日(木)~2023年7月22日(土)
From Thursday, April 6, 2023 to Satuday, July 22, 2023
BBPマイレージポイント特典授与申請期間 2023年4月6日(木)~2023年8月1日(火)
From Thursday, April 6, 2023 to Tuesday, August 1, 2023

After the above period, the point card will be deleted, and the reward tickets already earned cannot be used.


Get the rewards in three steps

  • LINEで登録
  • ポイントを貯める
  • 特典をもらう




iOS またはAndroid OS のスマートフォンで、「LINE」をインストールしていること
ガラケー(フィーチャーフォン)やWindows Phone 等は利用不可

“Self-Access Learning” is a way of learning which sets the purpose, goal, what and how you study, not because you have to but autonomously.

※Registration is optional.

Conditions of use

The users must be undergraduate or graduate students of RU.
The rewards are only for regular students, and SKP students who can receive the rewards in Japan during the schedule below.
Spring Semester: End of August to middle of September
Fall Semester: End of February to middle of March
※Non-regular student’s ID starts with number”8”.
The user must have LINE app on smartphone with iOS or Android OS.
Feature phone, Windows phone, etc. cannot be used.
The user must follow the user policy and rules to use the program.

本プログラムにおいて収集された情報は、学内分析資料やBBP に関わる取り組み等の教学上の目的のために使用し、個人を特定できる形での利用、または、第三者に提供することはありません。

<The user policy>
You will lose all the points you earned if the unauthorized usage is discovered.
This point system can be changed, cancelled or stopped without the prior announcement. We won’t accept any responsibility to the user or the third party for any damages that may occur because of this matter.
We can’t guarantee the accuracy, the completeness and the usefulness of the information or the normal operation of this program on your devices. Also, we can’t take any responsibility for any damages that may occur through using this program, include lack of availability caused by the weak internet connection etc.
<Handling of personal information>
Any information on the sheet will be used strictly for academic purposes such as in-campus analysis or BBP management and will not be used as personally identifiable information or disclosed to any third party.
Contact information

言語教育センター BBP マイレージ担当


言語教育センター(OIC) A 棟1F AN 事務室内

Language Education Center Attn: BBP Mileage
E-mail address:gengo@st.ritsumei.ac.jp

<The office at each campus>

Language Education Center(Kinugasa)Shougakukan 1F
Language Education Center(BKC)Central Arc 2F
Language Education Center(OIC) Building A 1F, AN Office