RDIRI Journal Vol.10  Japanese



An Analysis of Market Positioning and Competitiveness of Bangladesh's Ready-Made Garment (RMG) Sector: Issues for Export Sustainability Md. Ashadullah
Risks and Challenges of Asbestos Exposure by Unoccupied Condominium
Through Case Study about of Sprayed Asbestos of Specific Unoccupied Condominium
Kazuhiko Ishihara
An Institutional Design of Compensation Fund for Asbestos Disaster of Construction Workers in Japan Hiroyuki Mori
FDI promotion in Japanese Prefectures
- Changes in image building, investment generating, and investment service analyzed-
Schlunze, Rolf D.
University Students' Perception toward Refugees in Japan Yuko Uehara, Kumiko Tsutsui

Research Notes

Issues of International Student Education with Covid-19
A report at Japanese language school and vocational school
Eiji Kawanishi
Current Situation on Socially Responsible Public Procurement in EU
-Focusing on Reserved Contracts and Social Return in the Netherlands-
Michio Kishi
A review of recent research on the effects of the U.S. housing voucher program on expanding neighborhood choices: including a summary of the program conditions in Los Angeles Kimiko Shiki
A Framework on Environments where Disaster Learning Methods are Utilized for Community-based Disaster Reduction: Toward the With- and Post-COVID-19 Periods Yusuke Toyoda

Syposium Report

Report on Webinar Noboru Miyawaki, Kenki Adachi, Masato Kamikubo, Yozo Nishimura, Nanjin Dorjsuren, Yoshinao Tamai

Project Report

Report on activity Yutaka Enari