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Best Environmental Systems thesis awarded at Committee on Environmental Systems Japan Society of Civil Engineers!

Of the 55 theses published in Volume 40 of the Environmental Systems theses collection, ones written by Ms. Chihiro Kayo (finished Masters in 2006, belonging to the Environmental Systems Laboratory), and Mr. Seiji Hashimoto (Professor belonging to the Recycling-oriented Society Laboratory) were awarded highest honors.


Winning the award

Awarded during the finals of the 21st Satellite Design Contest

Mr. Syota Nakajima (M2, Construction Preservation Laboratory) was awarded the Best Idea Award on November 9th, 2013 at the Sagamihara Museum.


Mr. Syota Nakajima won the award.

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Introduction to our department video that was exhibited at the
2012 Eco-Products Exhibition (made by student volunteers)

2013 Eco-Products Exhibition Introduction Video