The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 656

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Kohei Matsunaga: Is Cosmic Geography Feasible?:
A Consideration Based on Ritter’s Comparatve Geography
Keiji Yano: A Note on Constructing a Portal Site of Japanese Old Maps
Kazumasa Hanaoka: Geographical Distributions of Contacts with Suspicious Persons
in Osaka, Japan: Mapping Crime Risk Based on Risk Terrain Modeling
Tomoki Nakaya, Kazuma Maeda and Shohei Nagata:
A Note on Building GIS-Based Walkability Index of Japan
Manabu Takahashi: The Era of Nobunaga from the Viewpoint of Environmental History II:
The Little Ice Age and the Honensai
Shinji Koga: Successes and Challenges of Intra-Urban Areal Structure Research in Japan
Yukio Teratoko: Relationship between Rural Communities of Agricultural Census
and Small Areas of Population Census: A Fundamental Study
Norihumi Kawahara: Perspectives and Issues Concerning Research of Japanese Fisheries
History in Canada
Ryoji Yasukura: The Decline of Commercial Activities and Efforts of the Chiikiokoshi
Kyoryokutai in the Central District of Imabari City, Ehime
Akio Kondo: Local Advertising as Seen in One-Page Residential Map Advertisements:
The Case of the Southern Region of Kyoto Prefecture
Manabu Inoue: The Spatial Characteristics of Shared Taxis Service and Demand Buses
in Japan
Tasuku Aso: Female Boarding Workers and Christianity in Modern Japan:
The Case of the Mino-Mission
Koji Kanda: A Consideration of New Tourists Generated by Pokémon GO
Hideki Endo: The Possibilities of Performative Dark Tourism
―Through a Critical Consideration of the Concept of Performativity
Masahiro Kato: The Commercial Environment and Composition of Shopping Street
in Front of the Gate of Kadena Air Base, Koza
Haruto Murakami: The Journey of Ernest Satow on the Tokaido Road at the End of
the Edo Period