Zemi Research Convention | College of International Relations | Ritsumeikan University

Annual convention to present
research results in the College of IR

In the College of International Relations, students cultivate the ability to examine various issues faced by the international community from diverse political, economic, social, or cultural perspectives and then seek various ways to approach those issues. The Zemi Research Convention is a research convention that began in AY 2000, allowing students to give concrete shape to their learning and giving them a chance to make their studies known to people outside of the university. At the convention, students belonging to various seminars give presentations concerning their learning achievements to not only their peers and university faculty, but to a range of people from various walks of life. Since AY2019, all teams have been required to make a poster for their presentations.


The 24th Annual
Zemi Research Convention

Thursday, November 9
@1st floor, Koshinkan, Kinugasa Campus

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We are accepting applications from the alumni and personnel of companies and organizations.
Please contact us for details.