Eric W.COOPER Professor

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  4. Eric W.COOPER Professor
Intelligent Systems
Information Systems Science and Engineering Course
Information Systems Science and Engineering
Interactive Intelligent Systems, Kansei Engineering
Rock band (vocals)
Geometry, Science, Visual arts, English
Industrial arts

The pleasure of finding things outFeynman, Richard Phillips, and Jeffrey Robbins. The best short works of Richard P. Feynman. Basic Books, 1999.Planet Earth: Cosmology, Geology, and the Evolution of Life and Environment.Emiliani C. New York: Cambridge, 1992.The heart of mathematics:an invitation to effective thinkingBurger, Edward B., and Michael P. Starbird Springer Science & Business Media, 2005.


What are the appealing and interesting points of Information Science and Engineering?

Information systems are used to support every kind of technical and social activity. The fun part is learning how they are connected in every way: physically, by communication of bits, socially, and economically. The possibilities of new systems are truly unlimited. So anyone can make a contribution. Any information science engineer may change the course of human history.

How will the knowledge gained in the College of Information Science and Engineering be useful for students after graduation?

Students who have graduated from the College of Information Science and Engineering will be able to use a wide variety of common tools. More importantly, they will have gained the experience to learn new tools and to solve new problems by working with others and leading teams of imaginative developers, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, users, and others involved in the system lifecycle.

Please describe your major research, activities, and current research themes.

The research in our lab is about using machine intelligence and the sciences of human thinking, behavior, and interaction to develop systems to help people in practical ways. The objective is not to make systems that can think like humans but use machine intelligence to work together with human intelligence. The systems developed assist users when users make simple decisions, such as when designing a web page or using social media.

Please describe technologies that you find interesting now.

I am particularly interested in the artificial intelligence systems that are becoming part of our everyday lives, solving problems without interfering with the activities of people they serve. While these systems are powerful, they still require creative human designers to work well. I am truly hopeful that clever applications of artificial intelligence will help people solve some of the greatest issues we face: the environment, sustainable economics, and peaceful coexistence.