Igor GONCHARENKO Professor

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  4. Igor GONCHARENKO Professor
3D CG and VR, Scientific Visualization, Digital Human Modeling
Information Systems Science and Engineering Course
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Boolean Algebra and Logic Design, Signal Processing
Digital Human Modeling, Human Movement Analysis, Scientific Visualization, Sensory Data Analysis
Except self-learning in extramural math school, I tried to play guitar and chess. As for sports, I preferred wrestling and swimming. I spent much time to read historical novels.
Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, History
Music and singing
The Princeby N. Machiavelli The Gamblerby F. Dostoyevsky Historiesby Herodotus


What are the appealing and interesting points of Information Science and Engineering?

As amount of information is increasing dramatically in modern society, information science is growing in significance as well. In addition, the most successful business solutions and engineering projects are dependent on big data processing and scientific-based modeling. Human-centered systems and applications (e.g., health-care and medical), which are crucial for our ageing society, will definitely require deep knowledge in information science applied to engineering.

How will the knowledge gained in the College of Information Science and Engineering be useful for students after graduation?

Graduated students of the College of Information Science and Engineering can successfully apply their academic knowledge in engineering, business, and research because of strong background in information and computer science, fundamentals of mathematics, physics, robotics, and practical skills in programming. They have abilities to formulate and solve challengeable problems, and develop modern engineering and business systems. Particularly, it is expected that they can carry on all phases of engineering projects as project team members, and project leaders.

What are your expectations for new students entering the university? How would you like to see them progress during their time at the university?

I expect from the students enthusiastic learning of the fundamentals of computer science, mathematics and physics as a necessary background for modern engineering. It will also motivate them to prove their creativity, talents, and leadership. I expect improving their ability to work in students’ project teams and communicate with other team members productively and without any conflicts. Such ability will improve their self-discipline and systematic vision of real project development process in the future. I also hope for the increase of their interest to fulfill research works in laboratories with experimental equipment, with the usage of computers for scientific-based simulation and experimental data processing.

Please describe technologies that you find interesting now.

Because of my interest to Digital Human Modeling, I think that harmless human-oriented sensory technologies are quite complimentary to computer simulation based on theoretical models. Particularly, I am interesting in-full body 3D scanning technologies, motion capturing sensors, haptic devices, eye trackers, force sensors, accelerometers, etc. Data provided by the sensors definitely improve realism of human modeling and our understanding of human behavior.