Uwe SERDÜLT Professor

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Social Networks
Information Systems Science and Engineering Course
e-Government, Social Network Analysis, Professional Ethics
Digital Governance Systems, Digital Democracy, E-Government Applications, E-Participation
Basketball, basketball, basketball
History, English
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What are the appealing and interesting points of Information Science and Engineering?

Digitalization is a powerful force making further inroads to our private and professional lives at a very fast speed. Whereas technological change used to take a generation to take effect when our grandparents were young, we are likely to experience several phases in the course of a life time. In order to understand and to make good use of such technologies studies at the College of Information Science and Engineering are key.

How will the knowledge gained in the College of Information Science and Engineering be useful for students after graduation?

Students will be comfortable to work in teams in a result oriented fashion. Especially in the English-speaking undergraduate program they will have acquired skills very useful for making an international career after graduation.

Please describe your major research, activities, and current research themes.

In my research I try to combine the knowledge of ICT and the social sciences in order to investigate and assess the transition of humanity into the digital age. In particular, I am trying to find out what effects digitalization has on individual citizens and democracy as a whole.

What are your expectations for new students entering the university? How would you like to see them progress during their time at the university?

I expect students to be curious and to go on a search. Their preferences and tastes might change during the time they spend here. I hope they try everything this university has to offer and make something good out of it.