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Deep Learning, Image Processing, Object Detection, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
Image Processing, Programming, Artificial Intelligence
Image Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning
Sport Club, Cricket Club
Physics, Mathematics, History
Social Science, Chemistry

A Brief History of TimeStephen Hawking Great ExpectationsCharles Dickens Little WomenLouisa May Alcott Into the WildJon Krakauer To Kill a MockingbirdHarper Lee



The field of Information Science and Engineering is very broad. It includes a list of topics from various fields. This field has a wide range of applications in academic and engineering research. The applications of ICT in Image Analysis, Image Recognition, and Computer Vision attracted me to Information Science and Engineering. I am interested in continuing research and involvement in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in various fields such as Information System Science, Healthcare and Engineering.


The College of Information Science and Engineering provides in-depth knowledge to get a comprehensive understanding of the subjects. CISE College provides students a vision and enables them to discover knowledge for new ideas. It helps students in developing their abilities to acquire knowledge and practical skills. It introduces students to valuable and qualitative current research works to motivate them to use Information System Science for various new applications. The research collaboration of the school with Overseas Universities and Industries helps to develop friendship between various cultures and countries as well as provides opportunities to learn from each other. It will be helpful to exchange knowledge with a large professional community, opportunities for publications, cooperation and teaming.


Recently, a growing interest has been seen in the Deep Learning (DL) since the development of rule-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the current Machine-Learning based Artificial Intelligence.
Deep Learning-based computer vision tasks have a lot of useful applications in brand/logo detection, Healthcare (disease classification, tumor segmentation and detection), human-emotion recognition, body-pose estimation, scene segmentation, automatic vehicle driving and so on.
My current research work is based on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Information System Science. I used Deep Learning frameworks for object detection. My work was focused on object detection using Deep Learning, specifically for Logo (Brand) and Liver Tumor detection. Logo detection on various platforms provides a guide for companies to analyze advertisement and sponsorship and its impact.
Deep Learning is being widely used in many Medical applications. These techniques are very much applicable to develop systems such as Image and Robot-Based Surgery System, Intelligent Health Monitoring in Care Homes and so on. The basic objective of my research work is to develop effective AI-based system that may be useful in various fields including Healthcare.


I am interested in Deep Learning-based computer vision approaches using graph convolution networks, transformer-based networks, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and few-shot adaption learning methods for various detection and segmentation tasks. I am particularly interested in developing Domain Adaptations-based techniques to overcome domain shift problem caused by varying test data distributions. These techniques are focused on identifying a common shared feature space in which the distributions of various data are aligned in order to train robust prediction models.