RDIRI Journal Vol.11  Japanese



Experience Sampling Method in Psychology: Prospect of Application in Cognitive Emotion Regulation Xiaoxue Chen, Kenji Kawano
Difference in consciousness of supermarket employees shoplifting countermeasures Yoko Saragai, Shinji Hira, Makiko Naka
Understanding Factors Affecting The Behavior of Commuters Living in Suburban Areas
(Case Study: Bodetabek, Indonesia)
Mustika Wardhani, Tomohiko Yoshida
New Approaches and Proposals for Diversity Management in Japanese Companies
-By Discussion of the Concepts and Actual Conditions of Practice-
Yaguang Yan
A Study on Present Situations and Challenges of Water Disaster Measures in Japanese Group Homes Xuan Zhang, Yusuke Toyoda
Policy engineering analysis on the initial infection status of COVID-19 and Japan's countermeasures Weisheng Zhou, Jiarong Hu

Research Notes

Family Business Succession: A Case Study on Female Business Owners Toshiyuki Hattori
High-tech Regional Development Policy and Endogenous Development Theory:
A Case Study of Kyoto Research Park
Yoshihide Iwamatsu
Current Situation on Public Procurement that takes account of Social Value in the UK
-Approaches based on Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and New Social Value Model-
Michio Kishi
Current situation and historical investigation of China's innovation Weisheng Zhou

Book Review

Book Review Tetsufumi Owaki

Syposium Report

Report on Webinar Kyungah Cheon, Chiungfan Chen,Weisheng Zhou

Project Report

Report on RDIRI activity Koyo Horiike