Research projects conducted by the center

At the Ritsumeikan Inamori Philosophy Research Center, two types of research projects are conducted: projects led by researchers and other members of Ritsumeikan University, and projects conducted by researchers invited from external institutes, both foreign and Japanese.

Research projects by researchers and other members of Ritsumeikan University

  • These projects develop basic research materials from a longer-term perspective, while dealing with the research themes that constitute the core philosophy of the center.
  • For example, one of these projects aims to establish a theory of altruistic capitalism by conducting historical analysis and academic consideration in the process of developing a primary source of Dr. Kazuo Inamori’s remarks.

Flow of research projects

Research projects by invited researchers

  • Mid-level and young researchers specialized in various disciplines, such as philosophy, psychology and business management, are invited from around the world to conduct research on Inamori’s management philosophy at Ritsumeikan University for a period ranging from three months to ten months. Upon completion of their research, these researchers will give presentations on their research results.
  • Involvement of invited researchers, whether Japanese or foreign, enables research projects to cover more disciplines, reflect more diverse perspectives and use a wider range of approaches, compared with research projects conducted by the university’s researchers alone. An increase in foreign researchers associated with this center also serves our aim to make Inamori’s management philosophy more widely known to the world.
  • We will organize a symposium at the center biannually or annually with a view to communicating the philosophy of the center more widely and sharing the results of research projects conducted at the center. Specifically, the first symposium is scheduled for March 2016, and will consist of presentations on research results by invited and university researchers and lectures by prominent researchers specialized in the research fields of the center, who are to be selected from the network of leading researchers.

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