Where you can ask for help during the Obon Holiday (SSR is Closed)

To All Students at Ritsumeikan University:


The Student Support Room (SSR) at Ritsumeikan University is closed from August 11 to 17, and we are not able to reply to your email or the Counseling Request Form during this period.  In urgent cases, the following emergency telephone counseling is available.


TELL Lifeline: (03)-5774-0992

English only.  9 am to 11 pm Monday-Thursday, and 9 am to 2 am Friday-Sunday


Helpline for foreign languages – 外国語による相談 0120-279-338

Available in 10 languages.

The consultation hours for the Foreign Language Line are available from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.


See the below file for clinics/hospitals/hotlines available in Japanese:


The SSR will be open from August 18.

To make an appointment:


You may find helpful information in our Mental Health Tips, such as 10-second breathing technique, Mindful breathing, Progressive muscle relaxation, Masseter muscle (facial) massage, Autogenic training method, and others.


Take care of yourself and have healthy holidays!

The SSR supports all the students to flourish in their campus life.



Student Support General Guide