Development Economics, Chinese Economy

Research Topic

My research focus for the last ten years has been on the development model and its problems in Chinese IT industry. The results were published as a book titled “Chinese IT Industry: its Role on the Transformation of Chinese Economic Development Mode” (Minerva Publishing, Co., Ltd) in 2007. I am also interested in the multinationalization of Chinese companies, so-called “Going-Out” and co-edited with Prof. Tomoo MARUKAWA: “Multinational Corporations from China” (Doyukan) in 2008. In 2013, started the study on so-called "Guojinmindui".ie."the state advances, the private sector retreats"problems based on MEXT fund.
  • 「移動通信業と携帯端末産業」『中国の産業力 その実力と課題』(日本経済新聞社からの受託研究『中国研究』報告書)(日本経済研究センター、2013年)