International History, International Relations in Asia-Pacific

Research Topic

My research has been mostly on international relations in the East Asia after the WWII. The security in the region was an important issue area during the Cold War. Thus I conducted researches on Taiwan Straight Crises and Korean War. Concerning the East Asia after the Cold War, no one can pass over the economic rise of East Asian countries. My main current research interests are therefore related to the subjects such as economic integration in Asia-Pacific and revitalization of Japan.
  • I am Rtisumeikan representative for US-Japan Research Institute which is co-managed by 8 Japanese universities such as University of Tokyo, Waseda University and others. With my study team, I published a book entitled 〝Why regionalism now?" in June, 2013.
  • I explained US Presidential Election for a local TV new program as a commentator.
  • While participating for meetings with visited US congressional leaders in Tokyo, Nakatsuji with the group met Ambassador Kennedy at the Ambassador's residence on April 15th, 2014.