Constitutional Law, Peace Studies

Research Topic

My research interest is to explore constitution and constitutionalism from the perspectives of international politics, international relations, and peace studies. Particularly I have revisited the pacifism of the Japanese Constitution in relation to peace studies and NGO activities, and in the context of East Asian politics. My recent research topic is global constitutionalism. I am involved in NGO activities myself. Every year I nominate a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.
My recent publications are: “Global Constitutionalism and Japan’s Constitutional Pacifism,” Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies Vol. 23 No. 3 (2011), “Article 9,” in Nigel J. Young (ed.), The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace, Volume 1 (Oxford University Press, 2010), “Japan’s Contribution to Global Constitutionalism,” Societies Without Borders Volume 4-2 (Bril, 2009l), “Peace in East Asia and the Japanese Constitution: A Reexamination 60 years After Its Making,” Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies Vol. 21 No. 3 (2009). I am now serving as Co-Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association.
  • 『日本国憲法の「しない」平和主義と「する」平和主義(平和文庫26)』(札幌独立キリスト協会 , 2013)