SONODA, Setsuko


History, Area Studie, Overseas Chinese Studies, Modern Chinese History

Research Topic

My research interests are in the transnationalism of the Chinese in the Americas from the middle of the nineteenth century to the present, for example, the Chinese immigrants’ individual lives and the official interests of the Chinese government toward overseas Chinese. These are important factors which helped to create the transnational societies of modern immigrants. To analyze such characteristics of immigrant societies that emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century, I have also studied about China’s domestic politics and society from historical perspectives.

The study of the transnationalism of overseas Chinese in the Americas provides us with new perspectives. For example, considering Asian immigrants and their descendants outside of Asia in a broader global setting gives us clues to understand our contemporary world. It also brings our attention to the historical fact that the presence of Chinese in the Americas has affected the concept of race and the nation-state. We sometimes learn about China by studying Chinese who are living outside their home country, too.