Academic Support

Writing Tutorial Program

This is a support program designed to help individual students develop the academic writing skills necessary to write reports and dissertations, such as the graduation thesis. Students can develop their academic writing skills in Japanese and English.

Since 2018, students must complete a graduation research project to graduate from the College of International Relations. Academic writing skills are required to write a high-quality graduation thesis. Our program offers the opportunity to write a quality graduation thesis by providing writing tutorials in English and Japanese.

The tutors are students of International Relations who have produced papers highly regarded by RU professors. They are available to work with students one-on-one on class reports and help develop excellence in academic writing skills.

How to use the Writing Tutorial

  • Make a reservation by selecting the desired date and time from the online reservation screen.
  • Tutorial is 40-50 minutes per session. Information regarding the assignment, the purpose of the session, and the goal for the day is exchanged with the tutor before the tutorial session.
  • You will acquire the ability to write a better report by discussing with the tutor and referring to their advice. The services are provided on the Kinugasa campus or online (Zoom). 

High-quality tutorials through student peer learning

  • Gain academic writing advice from tutors of various nationalities and backgrounds.
  • Tutors are all trained to ensure a smooth, effective tutorial. The tutor training is conducted by professors who teach first-year courses, raising awareness of fundamental issues regarding course assignment reports. After being briefed, tutors role-play and learn about better tutorial practices.
    In a survey of students who have used the WTP, 97% said they would use the program again.