Report on the guest lecture (Accenture Japan Ltd : TomokoTakemura )

TomokoTakemura, from Accenture Japan Ltd, was invited as  guest lecturer at the Professional Workshop (English class: led by Pr. Wanxue Lu).

We invite Ms. Takemura Tomoko to discuss their working experiences for a consulting company named “Accenture”. The specialty of the company lies in the fact that it does not offer any direct services to the general consumers, but it works in consultation with companies on the basis of technological reforms and human ingenuity. The workplace offers a “people’s mentor” system where everyone in the company, including the CEO has a mentor that they can refer to for advice and  questions.


This point of operation can help newcomers of the company to be less scared or confused on their exact duties, as well as, create a strong working community where people are unafraid to voice their struggles.