School Introduction Access

Campus Area Map

Access from Nearest Stations

  • From Hankyu Nishiyama-Tennozan Station: 8 minutes on foot (northeast on Saigoku Kaido)
  • From JR Nagaokakyo Station: About 15 minutes on foot (from the Shin-Saikoku Kaido intersection on Nishikuni Kaido to the south)
  • From Keihan Yodo Station: About 12 minutes by bus (from the Choshi bus stop, walk towards Nishikoku Kaido and take it northeast.)

Requests for Visitors to the Nagaokakyo Campus

The Nagaokakyo Campus is located in a quiet residential area with narrow streets, so we ask all visitors to observe a few rules to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

  • Visiting the school by car, motorbike, or bicycle is prohibited. Please use public transportation when visiting.
  • For pick-up and drop-off including taxi, please get off at Hankyu Nishiyama Tennozan (or a similarly nearby location) and come on foot.
  • From the nearest station or bus stop, please walk along the school route (see the diagram below) keeping to the right (within the white line if the road has a white line on one side).
  • If you must come by car due to unavoidable circumstances, please be sure to contact the school office (075-323-7111) in advance and observe the following precautions:
  • Please inform us whether you are coming to the school by car (parking is required) or by cab (including pick-up and drop-off). (If you do not inform us in advance, you will not be allowed to enter the school at the guard station at the main gate.)
  • Even if you have a parking permit, be sure to stop at the guard station at the main gate and receive confirmation, then park in the designated numbered parking lot.
  • Please use only the route from Shin-Saikoku Kaido to the main gate by entering the signboard of "CO-OP Nagaoka" and turning right at the end of the street (see white arrows below). (White arrows in the figure below)
  • The thin black lines show the student routes to school.
  • The thick white arrow indicates the route for vehicles (both to and from school) in case of unavoidable circumstances.
  • Please do not drive into the area bounded by Shin Nishikuni Kaido, Suntory Street, and the JR line.