How to Use SSP

The SSP offers various kinds of programs including individual consultations, seminars, and events. Please feel free to utilize these programs according to your own interests and circumstances.

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What Does a One-on-one
Session Involve?

In a one-on-one session, we provide support according to your individual goals based on your current student life and study situation. Professional coordinators will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you achieve your goals on your own. We help students learn how to set goals, time and task management skills, test-taking strategies and other various skills to suit different situations. We also conduct study habits assessments*, so please feel free to use this support if you would like to know your strengths and weaknesses in this area.

*Study habits assessment refers to the objective confirmation and analysis of one’s interest, motivation, and attitude toward learning at university, as well as the skills necessary for student life (i.e., summarizing notes, writing, and expressing opinions).

See the “Coordinators & Peer Supporters” page to find out more about SSP coordinators.

One-on-one Session Flow

Make an Appointment

Make a consultation appointment
with an SSP coordinator using
the appointment request form below,
via email, or by visiting the office.

Appointment Request Form

Assessment Session

Gain an objective understanding of
your situation through
assessment sessions.

  • Attitude toward learning
  • Necessary skills for university life
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Goals to achieve in university, etc.

Continuous Support

Aim to achieve your goals through continuous planning and reflection through assessment sessions.

  • Skills needed for problem solving
  • Planning to achieve goals
  • Time management
  • Introduction to on-campus resources, etc.

How to Make an Appointment
for a One-on-One Session

For first-time users or users who haven't used SSP in a while

To schedule an SSP one-on-one session, please make an appointment using the “Appointment Request Form” below. We will contact you within three business days, excluding weekends, holidays, and summer/winter vacation periods.
You can also apply in person or by phone at the Office of Student Affairs on each campus.

SSP Opening Hours
Mon–Fri 9:30–17:00 *Same as the opening hours of the Office of Student Affairs

Referrals from Faculty Members

Faculty members that would like to refer a student with whom they have contact with are asked to contact us directly at ssp1★ (please change ★ to @). Alternatively, you can have the student make an appointment by themselves using the form above. (In this case, it will be smoother if the faculty member informs us in advance via email of their own name as well as the student’s name).