Support Tools

At SSP we provide the following support tools. Please make use of them when planning how to achieve your goals.

SSP Study Plan sheet

The SSP Study Plan Sheet is a worksheet to collect and organize information about the courses you are taking to help you formulate a plan of action.
Organizing information about multiple courses is a difficult task. By writing down points about each course and their evaluation percentage breakdowns using this worksheet, you can gain a better understanding of the whole situation surrounding the classes you are taking that semester. Writing down attendance and absence information for all 15 classes in the course, you can see your attendance history at one glance. As you can consolidate the entire flow of the semester, it can be used to organize what you have to do, what you want to do in terms of class preparation and revision, reports that are already announced, set goals, etc.

SSP Time Management Sheet

The SSP Time Management Sheet is a worksheet to help you understand your daily time usage by filling in your set weekly schedule.
The sheet is useful for time management as you can see your time use all in the one place, from university life (i.e., classes, club activities and part-time work) to private life (i.e., the times you wake up and go to sleep, bath time and commuting times), time spent on routine activities and free time.

SSP To-Do List

The SSP To-Do List is a worksheet that helps you successfully turn what you have to do and want to do into action.
By filling in your time limits and/or implementation schedule, you can make a more detailed, realistic plan. Then, by breaking down your actions into smaller parts, you can prevent procrastination that may arise from not knowing where to begin.

SSP Final Exam and Report Strategy Sheet

The SSP Final Exam and Report Strategy Sheet is a worksheet that combines final exam information management with a to-do list.
Collecting and organizing information on final exams (e.g., question types, content, important points etc.) allows you to strategize and prepare according to the type of exam. By scheduling things to be completed on specific days, you can make concrete study plans up to the day of the exam. Also, by recording your expected and actual exam results, you can find out what you are good at and what you need to work on.