Coordinators & Peer Supporters

SSP Coordinators

The SSP has a dedicated team of staff members, the SSP Coordinators. The Coordinators support students in their acquisition of the skills mentioned on the “About SSP” page by providing methods and ideas based on each student's goals.

SSP Opening Hours
Mon–Fri 9:30–17:00 *Same as the opening hours of the Office of Student Affairs

SSP Peer Supporters

SSP Peer Supporters support students who want to lead fulfilling student lives. Their activities include helping students with preparing worksheets (e.g., Time Management Sheet, Academic Study Plan Sheet, etc.) and facilitating group work in SSP-sponsored seminars. In addition, SSP Peer Supporters regularly hold group consultation meetings and provide opportunities for students to share tips on university life.

SSP Peer Supporter Events and Activities

SSP peer supporters have come up with a number of events of their own. Past events include the “IT Utilization Lecture” and the “Online Self-Study Room,” and they continue to develop events that meet the needs of students. For the latest events, please check out the News. You can also check out content created by past peer supporters on the “Student Learning Ideas and Tips” page.

Recruitment of SSP Peer Supporters

If you are interested in becoming an SSP Peer Supporter, please refer to the “SSP Peer Supporter Recruitment” (SSPピア・サポーターの募集) section of the “Meet the Team” (スタッフ紹介) page. Please note that you must be able to communicate in Japanese to apply.