Chinese Language Courses
With main bases at Ritsumeikan University’s two campuses, Campus Plaza Kyoto, Tokyo Confucius Classroom, Osaka Confucius Classroom, BKC Gakudo, OIC Gakudo and Ritsumeikan Primary School, the Institute offers Chinese language courses of all types and levels from introductory to advanced in a structured curriculum aimed at a wide audience of students and members of the public. (For application procedure see relevant course prospectus).   Besides regular Chinese language courses, the Institute also offers intensive courses such as keypoint Courses, and extenal courses(external instructor supplied).
Chinese Language Teaching Material Development
In academic year 2007, the Institute began a project to develop Chinese language teaching materials for the kanji (Chinese character) cultural sphere in collaboration with its partner institution, Peking University (Peking University School of Chinese as a Second Language). Within the project framework, the Institute is concentrating particularly on the development of teaching materials for Japanese students at the beginner, semi-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced levels.
Chinese language seminar tours to China(short-term)
Under the support from Our partner universities(Peking University and Tongji University), the Institute organizes Chinese language seminar tours to China during summer vacation. Through studying in prestidge universities, cultural exchange with local students, and sightseeing the historical places, the participants could touch and feel local voices.
Support for Study Visit to China
The Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan has established a system of scholarship-funded study visits under which six selected individuals are sent to Chinese universities each year as visiting students. Advice sessions on studying in China are also held at Ritsumeikan University.
In order to promote Chinese language teaching, and to select scholarship students for study visits to China, the Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan organizes a Chinese language speech contest once a year. It is hoped that this will encourage Chinese language students in their daily efforts and increase their motivation to further improve their practical Chinese language ability.
Symposiums and Lectures on the Chinese Language
Selecting subjects of interest to both current and prospective Chinese language students, the Institute invites leading experts from the fields of Chinese language study, Chinese language teaching, and linguistics to give interactive symposiums and lectures.
Support for Chinese Language Teaching to Pre-schoolers and Elementary,Junior High, and Senior High School Pupils
The Institute gives support for the dissemination and promotion of Chinese language teaching at Ritsumeikan’s affiliated schools as well as local youth centers and other Ritsumeikan’s affiliated elementary, junior high, and senior high schools in the region.
Translation and Publishing Activities
Apart from developing teaching materials, the Institute undertakes translation and publishing of books, scientific papers, and speeches on the subject of cultural exchange between Japan and China and related topics.