Journal of the Asia-Japan Research Institute of Ritsumeikan University

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Vol.1, July 2019
Vol.2, October 2020
Vol.3, October 2021
Vol.4, November 2022
Vol.5, October 2023
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Editor's Preface Yasushi KOSUGI
[Research Articles]
Functional Differences in the Words the Japanese use for “I” in Relation to Self-Esteem: Key Factor for Establishing Level of Self-Esteem in Psychoanalysis Pin ZHANG
Shinji TANI
Appropriating the Propaganda Symbol in a Chinese Feminist Upsurge:
The Construction of a Collective Identity on Social Media
YANG Yushuang 16
Assessing “Multicultural Coexistence” in Politics:
An Examination of Japan’s Governance Model for Immigrant Inclusion
LIANG Xiaoxian 32
Why do Diasporas Re-Emigrate to their Historical “Homelands”?
A Case Study of Koryo Saram’s “Return” from Post-Soviet Uzbekistan to South Korea
Jinhye LEE 51
Initial Challenges and Protective Factors for the QOL of Mothers with Young Children during COVID-19: Japan and China Yi SUN, Jietao LIAN, Lu JIANG, Xuji SUN, Shuangshuang ZHANG, Mami KANZAKI, Yuko YATO 66
The Bottleneck in the Formation of “Imperial Japan” under the International Cooperation Principle after WWI: Focusing on the3 Tanaka Giichi Cabinet’s Concept of Establishment of the Takumushō Kazutaka SOGŌ 84
An Analysis of Factors Leading to Work Engagement in Japan:
Empirical Findings and Solutions through the Stress Check System
Tomohiro HIGUCHI 106
Establishing Common Ground Between Interlocutors:
A Case Study on Japanese and Egyptian Arabic Direct Complaints
Marina B. ASAD 129
Land Formalization and the Influence of Customary Chiefs on Recent Land Policy Implementation: Case of Ha Foso, Berea Lesotho Mabafokeng Evelina LECHESA 154
[Book Review]
Principles of China’s Behavior:
International Relations Determined by Domestic Trends
MASUO, Chisako, Tokyo: Chuokoron-Shinsha, 2019
Kenki ADACHI 171
[Research Project Report Program
for Asia-Japan Research Development, Asia-Japan Research Institute April 2018 - March 2023]
Human Security in Southeast Asia in the ASEAN Community Era Kenki ADACHI 173